Final Call for 2023 Toyota GAZOO Racing GT Cup Contestants as Competition Deadline Approaches

Final Call for 2023 Toyota GAZOO Racing GT Cup Contestants as Competition Deadline Approaches


​The registration period for the 2023 Toyota GAZOO Racing GT CUP (TGR GT Cup) is drawing to a close, with esports racing enthusiasts only having a few days left to sign up for the exciting tournament that places competitors behind the wheel of the Toyota GAZOO Racing (TGR) lineup. Seven qualifying rounds will be hosted online in ‘Gran Turismo 7’ for PlayStation®5 (PS5) and PlayStation®4 (PS4) before the top 24 players compete during the grand final in November, which will be held in conjunction with the Gran Turismo World Series.


For this year’s TGR GT Cup, racing fans do not need to buy or own their cars to enter. In addition to garage (owned) cars, contestants can take part using cars rented exclusively for the event. Entering is easy by following the four simple steps listed below:


Step 1: Launch Gran Turismo 7 (GT7)

If the PS4 or PS5 system software and Gran Turismo 7 version are not updated, online functions will not be available, also noting that updates may take some time.


For more details, click the link:



Step 2: Select ‘World Map’

On the Gran Turismo 7 screen, select ‘World Map’. Players who are launching the game for the first time will only see the ‘Music Rally’ option, which must be completed in order for the ‘World Map’ to be displayed. 



Step 3: TGR GT Cup Entry Registration

Enter the ‘Sport’ pavilion located on the upper right corner of the ‘World Map’. Completing the ‘Menu Book’ in the ‘Cafe’ pavilion is required to open the ‘Sport’ pavilion. Other pavilions will open according to the level. Select the ‘Toyota GAZOO Racing GT Cup’ icon displayed in the lower ‘Championships’ section, followed by the ‘Enter’ button to fill out the entry form and questionnaire.





Step 4: Race Entry

After completing entry registration, players may proceed to the ‘Race Entry’ screen and select the desired entry closing time (event time). Once entry registration is done, participants may practice on the same course as the race by selecting ‘Free Practice’. When the entry start time arrives, the ‘Entry’ button will appear.



Full details on how to select the car that will be used during the race can be found by visiting:

Organized by TGR - Toyota’s specialized arm for performance cars and motorsports - the TGR GT Cup is a virtual car racing competition that aims to encourage interest in esports and virtual racing worldwide. The tournament will feature a variety of qualifying rounds, including a virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans and a Virtual GR86/BRZ Cup with partner SUBARU. A league system will be introduced in each round based on skill levels, with ranking displayed for each league to ensure beginners can participate. 


TGR's engagement in e-motorsports activities underscores its efforts to make motorsports accessible to everyone. Representing ‎Toyota’s belief that ‘the roads build the people and the people build the cars’ - TGR highlights the role of motorsports as a fundamental pillar of Toyota’s passion for making ‘ever-better’ cars that are fun to drive.

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