New Toyota Land Cruiser PRADO Is Set to Captivate Fans in 2024

New Toyota Land Cruiser PRADO Is Set to Captivate Fans in 2024


Scheduled for a first-half 2024 release, the new Land Cruiser PRADO Series by Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) took center stage during its global debut. Jordanian customers can look forward to its availability through Markazia Toyota in the coming year.

The Toyota PRADO Series is a core Land Cruiser model that stays true to its roots: simple, sturdy and a practical choice for customers’ diverse lifestyles. Originally launched as the Toyota BJ on 1 August, 1951, the Land Cruiser series is now 72 years old.

Right after its introduction, it achieved the unprecedented feat of ascending to the sixth station of Mount Fuji. Since this historic achievement, it has remained steadfast in its commitment to delivering safety and security to all types of people in places that can only be accessed in the Toyota Land Cruiser. Developed based on insights from the real-world experiences of global customers, it has continually evolved in terms of reliability, durability and off-road performance.

The Land Cruiser Light Duty model PRADO is one of three series, including the Heavy Duty Station Wagon known as LC300 and the Land Cruiser Pick-Up known as LC70.


Akio Toyoda, who was given ultimate responsibility for the product, explained that, “The Land Cruiser should be a vehicle that supports people’s lives and local communities, so the Light Duty model must return to the true form that customers are looking for.” In response, the development team defined the model’s new concept as a return to the roots of the Land Cruiser and created a vehicle that is simple, sturdy and a versatile option for various customers’ lifestyles.

As a practical lifestyle choice for customers, the model has improved ease of handling and comfortable on-road driving. With the same GA-F platform as the ‘300’ Series, the new PRADO Series has dramatically enhanced its off-road performance.


The new model comes with various powertrains in line with Toyota’s carbon neutrality initiatives that take a diverse multi-pathway approach. It has also significantly increased frame rigidity by 50% and overall rigidity by 30%, in addition to enhancing wheel articulation, allowing for greater off-road performance and tires to stay on the ground. Moreover, the model has elevated on-road and off-road driving performance by adopting Electric power steering (EPS) and Stabilizer Disconnect Mechanism (SDM), a first in a Toyota vehicle.

While strengthening off-road driving performance on the traditional Land Cruiser wheelbase, the Toyota PRADO Series maintains the same mirror-to-mirror width to ensure excellent maneuverability. This series features excellent forward visibility through its low-set cowl and instrument panel top surface, which allows for safe on and off-road driving, as well as employs a low beltline to improve visibility on road surfaces.


Reliable, timeless and professional. The Prado interior and exterior styling focuses on these three keywords. Exterior styling uses horizontal lines to reproduce the unique Toyota Land Cruiser silhouette, while interior styling has shifted from a high-end, luxury ambiance to the feeling of true off-road functionality. Paired with a sturdy and stable interior space, horizontal instrument panel and switch shapes that are easy to operate in various driving conditions, the vehicle’s styling provides functionality on the most demanding roads.

Moreover, Toyota Safety Sense, the latest safety package with improved functions, has successfully expanded the range of detectable accidents within the vehicle allowing for a peaceful and enjoyable driving experience.

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